Shopping Reports & Scoring

Initial contact with the customer, your potential future resident, starts with your onsite team. In today's market, with the availability of the internet, consumers want information now. Fast response times are a key factor for success. Evaluating your marketing is important, but education and training employees is still the best way to make sure that every lead is addressed in a timely manner.

Phone Shop

A phone shop is an analysis of how well the customer is greeted and provided information about the property. Our experienced shopper will call the property and ask questions to critique the overall experience. 

Site Visit Shop

We will conduct a full exterior visual inspection of your property and critique of your employee. We will have a predetermined list of questions to ask to make sure that we are gathering all the information required to provide you an in-depth evaluation.

Internet Shop

An Internet shop evaluates the leasing professionals response time and reviews content provided to your customer. Our shopper will initiate contact through one of the internet advertisers linked to the apartment community. By evaluating your internet advertising we can help identify any discrepancies, make sure your staff is responding in a timely manner and that your leads are being sent to the right location.

By completing all three surveys you can ensure that Fair Housing practices are being followed and that each contact is treated professionally. Utilizing our diverse selection of shoppers and their specialized expertise, you can rest assured that your employees are following all guidelines and capturing every lead possible for your company.

Pricing for Apartment Shops:

Phone Shop $30

Site Visit Shop $75

Internet Shop $30

All Inclusive $99