Evaluating your staff to ensure they are following all Fair Housing regulations using exemplary techniques to ensure high closing ratios and minimal vacancy loss. This can be achieved via internet, telephone and on-site shops. 

The average bid project takes an employee over 16 hours to complete and still doesn't guarantee success. We will contact and evaluate vendors, schedule site visits and secure bids to complete a bid analysis, ensuring you are receiving the best vendor for your projects.

Fair Housing, compliance and company standards play an intricate role in ensuring every resident receives equitable treatment under consistent guidelines and standards. Reviewing and evaluating resident files are our expertise.

When buying or selling a property there's no need to call multiple employees to assist with walking apartments, completing audits and scheduling vendors. Our experienced personnel will make sure that all of the details are being handled and that your interests are reflected and covered to meet your expectations.

Experienced in MRO product research we can assist you in developing a cost savings program for your properties with streamlining products purchased on an ongoing basis. We will review your current contracts and negotiate cost savings that will increase your NOI.

One of the most important fundamentals in making a lasting impression is having crisp marketing material that brands who you are and what you are offering. Let us design a program specifically for you.

With over 25 years of experience in the housing industry, we are adept at training on-site personnel for success. We will spend the time needed to provide them the essentials needed to manage the day to day operations of your multi-million dollar property.

We offer a standardized and reviewed set of forms for your properties that can be customized on your letterhead. 

Don't have a logo? We have the expertise to assist with that also! 

A complete analysis of your property financial position from income to expenses. We will evaluate all areas of your operating budget and provide an in depth overview of how you can re-appropriate funds, capital or improve your financial power in the real estate market.

We now offer Apartment Contract Leasing!

 Bundled discounts make it more affordable by purchasing multiple services at once.

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