Bid Solicitation & Analysis

We can assist you with obtaining bids for small projects, capital expenditures, emergency incidents and budget preparation. Calling vendors, scheduling appointments, compiling and comparing bids, even soliciting secondary bids. We are well seasoned with this process and can provide the experience and expertise needed to hit a home run for your organization.

The bidding process starts by sourcing through our database of contractors to provide you with comprehensive proposals. We will follow up with each contractor and provide you up to 3 proposals. We will obtain insurance certificates and check references for any vendors solicited outside our database.

Through years of experience our seasoned team can assist your onsite staff with determining what the issues may be with a project and assist with outlining a thorough scope of work. We can meet contractors on site to walk them through the bidding specifications. This will assist in ensuring that all proposals are comparable.

Finally a bid analysis will be completed for your review to choose the vendor to complete your projects.

If you have a project or an issue that requires more research because the solution is not evident we are more than happy to assist with those situations.